“Minerals and Metals are essential to modern industrial activities necessary for global development and improvement of quality of life”

Road Map: Solid Minerals and Metals Sector
Ministry of Mines and Steel Development MMSD

Kayzee Products & Gems Ltd is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to engage in mining business and
trading on gemstones and other minerals locally and internationally. We have been in business for over 20 years now and have satisfied our clients in America, Asia, Europe and other locations around the globe.

The company was established by Mr.  Kassim Alabi, the Chief Executive Officer, for Solid Mineral Mining.
His wealth of experience, interpersonal skill and ability to be trusted over the years has made it possible for the company
to succeed in accessing the various mine titles the company is holding.


Haven operated over 20 years according to the mandate of the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office established in 2007 with the responsibility of Administration and Management of Mineral Titles in Nigeria in accordance with section 5 (1) of the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007,

Kayzee Products & Gems Ltd is currently engaged in solid mineral mining (Gemstones and metals), leasing mining equipment & machines, general merchandize and import & export.

The company grows trust and competence in the mining industry due to the strategy for the development of the Solid Minerals sub-sector.

Strategic analysis, planning and processing focuses on the Exploration, Development, Exploitation (Mining & Processing) and Marketing of the mineral resources. Therefore, the value chains approach is targeted towards “empowering industries and life style”

The company objectives include;

+ To lift all aspects of the company performance to a remarkable status by setting and reflecting a best practice and to ensure participation
in the global transition to a sustainable development.

+ Sustainable development is a non negotiable core concept in our broadest commitments and policy towards health, safety, the environment and
the community. By setting specific targets in these areas, we have ensured improved performance.

+ The mining business development will create resources to link other local and contractual projects, to diversify the company product portfolio,
nationally and internationally

+ Financing and resource control of the mining business is collectively regulated with a motivated strategic alliance with shareholders overseeing
the investment portfolio in order to reduce risks index

KAYZEE PRODUCTS & GEMS LTD is a reliable source for steady supply for quality and quantity gemstones and minerals at  competitive prices.

KAYZEE PRODUCTS & GEMS LTD is a place where other wholesalers can buy from and still maximize profit.

A place where you get fascinating beautiful gift nature as to offer, gems of inestimable value at a very affordable price. 

We make your competitors  envious, as they wonder how you get such great merchandise for amazing prices.

 At KAYZEE PRODUCTS & GEMS LTD customer’s satisfaction is priority.



* Work opportunities

                * Cooperative relationships

                * Education & training  

                * Community development